Why I'm Running

Manhattan’s East Side has a tradition of strong, independent leadership on the City Council, from Carolyn Maloney to Dan Garodnick. I’m running to continue that tradition and stand up for New York City. Because it’s not a stretch to say New York is at a moment of great uncertainty.

waterside-debate-web-5.jpgStanding up to Trump

As a first point, we are facing the most anti-urban federal administration in generations. We can expect major budget cuts to New York in the years ahead, and we must stand up and prepare, as one city.


Second, we all know how difficult it’s gotten for working and middle-class families to afford New York. This is especially true for the East Side of Manhattan. Looking forward, we must do everything we can to protect middle-class bastions like Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village. And we must use the Council’s land use and budgeting powers to create more affordable housing.

But the affordability challenge goes far beyond housing. We need to address cost of living in New York City from a holistic point of view. This means greater investment in public schools. It means keeping transportation costs under control. It means support for our healthcare institutions. It means ensuring healthy, low-cost food is available throughout our city.

And it also means support for small businesses, particularly in the grocery and local services sectors. Not only do these shops make our neighborhoods unique, but even more important, they exist to serve us, their neighbors – and not deep pocketed tourists alone. We must support our neighborhood businesses and make sure they can compete on a level playing field with big chains or luxury stores.

Political corruption

Finally, we’ve also lost trust in our government officials. And sad to say, the problem is not just Washington – it’s a problem here in NYC and especially Albany. Despite many years of effort and attention from good government groups and reform-minded public officials, there is still too much self-dealing and too little transparency in New York politics.

We need to take some decisive steps to expose conflicts of interest and limit lobbyist access to City Hall. We also need to shut down the opaque super PACs which have been used to advance a political agenda without revealing funding sources.

This political corruption makes the job of dedicated, honest public officials all the more difficult. We need a change in course, and I will help lead NYC in a new direction.

These are complex challenges, and progress will not be easy. But I am running to work every day at addressing them. I am running to make life better for every resident of the 4th Council District, and I ask for your support.

photo Maria Rocha-Buschel/Town & Village